Light On Our Limbs

by Daisy Vaughan

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Hassles It may only be two tracks but its two very good tracks. The brevity of this outing is close to sinful. Lyricism & Daisy's vocal delivery is the primary reason to purchase - but reason enough. Two tracks? This better be rectified!
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7-track 10" vinyl M.P, with free CD

1. Hold My Ghost
2. Would You Remember?
3. This Envelope

4. Earth, Let me in
5. Ya Está
6. Want to Want
7. Light on our limbs


released March 29, 2015

All songs written and performed by Daisy Vaughan



all rights reserved


Daisy Vaughan Norwich, UK

“Daisy is a singer songwriter who combines a haunting voice with stunning songs built around rich chords and intricate guitar playing to create transcendent and heart wrenching music. Utterly compelling and beguiling, a must see!” – Barefeet Records

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Track Name: Would You Remember?
I find you in the horror

In the howling in my ears

I find you in the terror

In the thoughts of passing years

I find you in the movements

In the rustle of the trees

I find you in the stillness

In the absence of the breeze

And so we fall to our knees, love
And we'll stand, when we please, love.

I wonder if you would remember

My favourite time of day.

Was it the way the birds were singing

That made my insides sway?

I wonder if you would remember

The way my mind would wait

Until all the world were sleeping

To meet my soul too late.

I wonder if you would remember

Not to speak of light

And that your kindness is my cruelty

When only dark lies in my sight.

I wonder if you would remember

The stains earth gave my hands

Until love-loss turned them heavy

And we sunk them in the land.

I wonder if you would remember

The only think I need.

All I’ve ever longed for

And that you planted the seed.

I wonder if you would remember

To love me whole and true

To give the flowers time to blossom,

And us to grow to one, from two.

Find me in the wonder

When the shapes become defined.

Find me in the warmth of your arms

In the shelter of your kind.

Find me in the space between

What’s good and what is right.

Find me in your splinters of darkness,

In your pockets of light.

Love, find.
Track Name: This Envelope
May I shed this skin that I have grown
That has become
That does envelope my whole
Though I did fold
Myself within myself.
May I feel lighter, and in turn less heavy
I'd like to sing about laughter and light
I'd like to sing about hope
Though everything I am, now
Is inside this envelope.

May I bathe, this child that I have grown
That my body and mind have both known
And may my grave
Be not made of stone
So that my body
May sink alone.
May I feel lighter, and in turn less here.

May I fold, my mind upon itself
And rinse my body, of all its health.
May I drown
And may you swim
And may we finally bathe
In these cold waters we were born in.